PolyGrabbers was started in 1997 by Scott Johnson after decades of working in the construction industry using inferior methods to hang dust barriers. Scott came up with PolyGrabbers, a light, simple and strong clip that makes setting up plastic barriers literally a snap. As a carpenter with over 20 years of experience in the tenant improvement field and having put up and taken down hundreds of dust barriers, he was convinced there had to be a more simple and cost effective way of doing this important but annoying, time consuming and expensive job.

The idea for PolyGrabbers was born out of frustration at having to put up and take down dust barriers using the old methods of duct tape, wire, nails, screws and tucking the plastic under tiles. Nothing worked well and the cost for doing this task was always going over budget. PolyGrabbers have been used by contractors all over the United States and in other countries like Canada, Sweden, Australia, and Mexico. PolyGrabbers have been used in projects for NASA support agencies, Kmart and Target.

Scott is always looking for new ways to improve, innovate and create new products for use in the commercial construction trades.

If you have any ideas for tools that you believe need to be created or implemented in our industry let us know and we can try to bring it to market for you.

Thank you for your interest in PolyGrabbers.